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Wanted: 1974 Velorex type 560 Jawa logo, fender lights, and seat

I am interested in a 1974 Velorex type 560 Jawa logo, fender light, and a complete seat. I do not really care if they are original or reproductions. If anyone has information on buying these parts in the United States, that would also be helpful. I have found these parts on, but I have not ordered from the site yet. Has anyone had any experience with that site?

I sent them an email about a month ago in regards to a wheel or hub for my model 560 and have yet to get an answer or acknowledgement from them.

I have a fender light and some other items in a box, I havrn't looked at in years. will advise. Mick

I just got my order and it took 2 months due to the owner leaving the countrry. He doesn't have paypal so it cost me $45 for the wire transfer at the bank. Go on eBay and find the seller "jawa-teile-boehme" and Sylvie can get you what you need. I got a windscreen gasket and Velorex insignia plus ordered another set of brackets because jawamarkt was so allow. Liz