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Want to build sidecars? Well, here you go!

After closing The Texas Sidecar Company, Inc., and retiring four years ago, everything necessary to manufacture, sell and install sidecars, with the exception of what is in my head, was put into crates and now sits patiently awaiting some new entrepreneur.  For the company name, molds, patterns, mounting hardware fixtures, web site, some materials, an odd assortment of new and used hardware, media masters and paper information, we would start negotiations around $25k.  If you provided food, lodging and adult beverages, training at your site would be considered.  If you only wanted part of the "package" we could talk about that too.  While I don't have a list of all items readily available, I believe a complete list is in my files somewhere.

This is an excellent opportunity for two buddies, a father-son/daughter combo, husband and wife team, or similar to break free of the rat race and no longer answer to just one boss - you can answer to all your vendors, all your customers, all the local people wanting contributions, etc.  Seriously, you can start small and grow the business as much as you would like.

Do some homework on the company to learn what we offered and see the reputation that exists, then send me an email and we can set up a time to talk.  Thanks,

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Wow wish I had the money to invest... I am putting a link to this on my Face Book page, hope that is alright.


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