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Vetter Terraplane U clamps/straps wanted 83 GL 1100 Goldwing

Hello, mounting a Vetter Terraplane sidecar to 83 Honda GL 1100 Gold wing. I have the mounting plates. I'm looking for the 3 U strap/clamps that secure around the round tube frame of the Honda. Thanks in advance for looking in your stash's. Dave 312-287-0474

Hi Dave

do you have any pictures of the bike and sidecar you are putting together? I would advise against using clamping mounts on the bike as they are prone to slipping. the only clamping mount you would need on the wing is the one for the top front mount that is on the frame right at the radiators. is your Terraplane set up for 4 mounts or is it original with just 3 

USCA # 8913