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$1400 Vetter Sidecar with 3 point mounting

Vetter sidecar with 3 point mounting for sale. Located in Acworth, Ga. 30101. In good shape. Seat has a seat cover on it. The original seat covering is gone but the original seat and locking storage is there. 


If interested please contact me here or 770-572-9267 and leave a message. Thanks, Les

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The price is listed in the subject.

Thanks Les, I apologize for missing that.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Any possibility the Vetter is still for sale?



There's a phone number in the ad.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

The sidecar is still for sale. Feel free to contact me if interested.



I sent it to a guy via email who is looking for a Vetter....

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Thank you sir!