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Velorex Windshield & Top Bows wanted

I recently purchased a 562 convertible top for a steeply discounted price. I do not have a windshield on mine. I'm presuming I need one, because there's a huge empty spot in front. 😉

I would like to see if anyone is selling the bows to hold it up that it didn't come with, the windshield, and any mounting hardware before I try to find it retail. Also, any hints on mounting/installing all of this certainly wouldn't hurt. Thanks, all! 🙂

No one knows where to get bows & a windshield?

I think Jay at DMC had some tops for sale before but I made my own windshield for both my sidecars.

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hey Jeff, have you checked with Mark in FL? Here is the link to his site, I believe he is also a velorex dealer.

Hi Jeff! If you didnt find the supports for the top yet, I have a set I dont need... mice went and ate my convertible top and nested in it too... and now I just have the framework. Let me know if you are still looking.

I'm actually in the middle of building my own. But I would still like them if they aren't too expensive. Pm if you want, because I'm definitely interested.

sent msg 🙂

well, i tried to, it seems to be stuck in the outbox..... and i dont know why, any suggestions?

My windshield has a small crack and the rain cover is still unused and complete with all arcs...resting on top of a drawer since 2005.
The normal tourneau and the windshields mounting clamp with seal I want to keep.
If interested I could ask my son to ship the parts from Costa Rica.

I got it, sao. That's just the way this pm system works, messages stay in the out box. Check your in box. I need all the pieces right to fiberglass, or at least pics so I can fab up the mounts. Sven, we'll see what sao can do for me, I appreciate it but I don't need 2 and over seas shipping is probably expensive. Where were you guys before I bought the materials to fab my own? Lol

Waiting here for to fool you from ear to ear.