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V strom 1000 sidecar

Ural sidecar modified and with mounts for a V strom 1000, It is running a V strom 1000 front wheel on the sidecar with disk brakes, comes with leading legs for the front of the bike for easier steering. Sidecar has electric trim however it may not be working, the person I got if from said it was not working, I have not had a chance to see why. It may have a bad actuator or it may have been a wiring issue. My company built the rig about 11 years ago, We removed it from the bike as the owner longer had room to park the rig so he had us turn his bike back into a two wheeler. So this comes with every thing for turning a V strom 1000 into a great sidecar bike. The sidecar is black $5000 OBO
Jay G
DMC sidecars