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Tonneau Cover for California ll

I am looking for a California ll cover in almost any condition to be used as a pattern to get one made. I have been loaned one but I was told by the maker he would have to take it apart to make the pattern and that would not do.
Don Mitchell
Bellville, TX

You might want to contact Florida Sidecar Products.

Don't know how up-to-date their website is, but they say they have a tonneau cover in stock for the Friendship II.

Thank you for your reply. However the only thing I found on that site was the convertible top.

Isn't that what you are looking for?

No. what I am looking for is the cover that is used to close off the passenger opening. I am understanding that it is called a tonneau cover. The one you suggested is a convertible top which would shield the passenger from the sun/rain I believe. However, as my wife likes to say, I stand to be corrected.
I do thank you for your replies,

Oh, a tonneau cover! That's the name of the thread! LOL Yeah, you're right. I'm an idiot.

So when I needed a new tonneau cover for my rig I took the rig to a boat upholstery place. They had no problem making a custom cover. I guess they do that sort of thing on a larger scale all the time. Maybe someplace in Houston? Just looked at the website for Advanced Auto Trim in Houston and they say they do custom covers. Might be worth a call. If they won't do it, they might put you on to somebody who does.

Your not an Idiot, if so you would be in a lot of company(mine included). Your right, I should check with other places before giving up.
Thanks again for your interest,