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TLE 9 spoke wheel

Wanted 9 spoke wheel for '98 HD tle
modified my own

I have a TLE from the mid 90's and it has the 10 spoke wheel with a drum brake. I am looking to swap the wheel out for a newer style 9 spoke wagon wheel so I can have the sidecar match my 2001 road king. Wondering if I can simply change out the sidecar wheel for either a standard motorcycle front or rear wheel or do I need to find a actual sidecar wheel... Also concerned about the axle diameter.

Thanks, Erik

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You need to be thinking about more then how it looks, the current wheel has a brake, the new one will not. We just did this exact conversion for a customer. It required a new axle be made. We also went with the brake rotor we manufacture and added a brembo caliper. Brakes may only slow you down but some times this is a good thing.
This is some thing we can only do in house.
Jay G
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less work and dollars to match the sidecar wheel