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Things I think I think

We have about three dozen Hondas (most with some collectable redeeming feature; at least that's what I've convinced myself of), one Jawa 898, and one 916.

I think I think I'd like to try a sidecar rig.

Being a noobie to sidecars would like to find a rig already set up.
Preferably a Honda (but not a GW), and as long as it's a wish list, something for sale reasonably close to Pittsburgh.

Any sidecar guys in Pittsburgh willing to share their experience, would like to connect for tire kicking.



I was reading your post about the brake issues and noticed you were from Pittsburgh. I have friends in Monroesville PA . Next time I am up that way I will let you know.

Doug "Rain Man" Plotner 2nd Thief M/M chapter coordinator Eastern Panhandle WV USCA #8789 01 883C Sportster /Velorex combo 95 Ultra Classic Electra Glide /California Friendship combo Iron Butt Association member

Hi Doug,

Thanks for sharing.
Since the posting, we've bought a sidecar rig. And just got it ready to get on the road. See my sad story (with Happy Ending) posted yesterday under What Did you Do with Your Sidecar Today.

We're east of Monroeville in Murrysville.

Used to live in Monroeville years ago.