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Texas Ranger sidecar

I would like to know what any of you out there know what a Texas sidecar is worth in good condition with all the mounts off a Harley dresser. All the body, undercarriage, upholstery and fender are in good shape, also. I will have it painted to match the bike, so i am not worried about it being black in color right now. I will be mounting it on a Harley anyways, so the mounting hardware should be fine except for a little tweaking and a few parts. Please give me your views asap about what you think it is worth as i do not want to loose it to someone else.

I bought mine in used but very good shape attached to a bag boat anchor bike for about 2 grand. That seems to be the going rate for most basic smaller tubs in road-ready but non-new condition. The schwanky tubs go up from there. It's a pretty good sidecar with the only real gripe I have being crappy design of the tub suspension pivot such that you have to tighten down the pivot nut every 1000 miles.

Whatever Mounts it presently has (Assuming we're not talking about a full subframe and such) are useless without the tub so are generally assumed to be included. If they're in good shape that's nice and might be a tie-breaker kinda thing but I'd consider them to be like accessories on a bike.