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Steerite modified 3 trees for Moto Guzzi SOLD

I put a set of leading links on my rig, so I'm putting up for sale a set of triple trees for a Moto Guzzi with 45 mm forks that were modified by Steerite/Side effects. Steerite is no longer in business. The modifications to the 3-trees was just under $900.

I also have a set of Moto Guzzi Jackal forks in v good condition (I replaced the seals for them this winter before the LLs came up for sale), a silver Jackal fender w brace that has some small scratches from being moved around in the garage, and the two Brembo brake calipers.

***Santa Fe, New Mexico. Contact: r.arimoto@yahoo.com800

$800 for the trees, $1000 for everything. Split the cost of shipping 50/50.

Thanks Rich!  Good luck with the sale.


Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota