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Some help for a disabled vet?

Hi folks! I'm Becky.


I'm brand new to the motorcycle world, but I'm learning fast. I just joined because a group of us are scouring the web for a sidecar for a 1997 Honda Goldwing GL1500 Aspencade. This motorcycle was recently gifted to a local disabled vet here in town.


Donny was wounded in the left leg and knee. He walks with a cane, but that does.not.stop.him! He really is amazing. He & his wife rode around town on an old ural, delivering meals-on-wheels, letting kids sit on/in it for pics, (their parents too lol), and driving local older vets to doctor appointments, etc. They were very active with their sidecar, and everyone knows and loves them here.


Unfortunately, a group of idiots broke into their garage a couple weeks ago and stole the ural. We found it pretty quickly at the bottom of a long hill. The little sh*ts must have held in the clutch handle and just pushed it down the road like a bobsled. Grrr... It was near the curb with a 20 foot skidmark behind it, so the one holding the clutch thingy must have tripped and let the clutch out at like 30 mph, because the crank or piston rod is bent. My bf is a mechanic so he and Donny are gonna rip into it to see what's wrong.


(I'm getting to the point, bare with me lol).


So us girls immediately pooled our money to get a new motorcycle for them! We had 3 bake sales, everybody turned out, and by scouring the web, we found a wonderful gentleman in Arizona who GAVE us an old goldwing!! I mean, can you even believe that!?


So, the $500 we raised will cover the cost of Haul Bikes bringing it from Arizona to northern NY.


Replacement bike - DONE!


Now, we desperately need a help with a sidecar. We're having another bake sale Sunday, but now that we're discovering the prices of sidecars suitable for the goldwing, it seems out of reach.


So, what'cha got, boys!? Cracked fiberglass can be fixed, rust can be fixed, and paint can be sprayed, so condition is unimportant, (my bf is a great mechanic, and Donny knows how to set up a sidecar).


We're desperate to get these wonderful, caring people back on the road.


*ps, here's the bike. I think it looks like a sexy space shuttle, and we can't wait for him to take us for rides again!!

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Hello Becky,

good to hear, there do exist still people who care for others... Go for it!

The Ural is pretty easy to work on...for the bearings remind your better half to work with "bearing mushrooms" to mount the crank / cam bearings with a combination of cooled shaft and heated bearing respectively other way round where needed. That made the big difference. In May I needed 1 day without that trick  for just crank and cam shaft a full day fearing the whole day to cause damage. In Oktober Using the heat/freezer trick my forehead did not sweat at all and all parts just slided in as supposed.

Good source for Ural parts Hollowpaw Gene in Florida. Excellent service of a "old school" knowledgeable "hand shake" man.

Part catalogue for which I got the link from the Spanish Ural forum (thanks to Manchi):

Good luck


Why thank you, Sven! Yes, Donny said he knows Gene from ordering parts before. And I'll be sure to tell my bf your advice.

Wishing you the best of luck getting their Ural back on the road. As far as a sidecar for their new (to them) Gold Wing, you might consider having the DMC crew mount a Spudnic (sp) on it. A somewhat economical way to go... It would look good color matched.

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Becky Gonyo



Donny found a sidecar on a goldwing forum! Ooh, I'm SO happy! It's a Champion Daytona 2 seater with Bembo brakes and electric tilt! The fiberglass on the back needs work but my bf's got that covered!


Now we need the two upright tube things that go up to the bike, and the mounts for the 97 GL1500!!


So, what's in the garage, boys!?

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Another pic.

Grr... Let's try that again...

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Hello Becky,

It is nice to recognize a person from cross reading.

Send my regards to Sixbennet, alias Sidecar Donny. We hadn't heard from him until shortly ago on Soviet steeds.

It definitely is a small world...... , at least for rig pushers.


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Becky Gonyo

Oh hi Sven! Yes, Donny & Barb and I are friends. We met in oncology where I used to work. I was one of the ones pumping chemicals into him. Enough to kill an elephant! But he survived, thank God!


I'll say hi for you.


check:   /   search for Tom Kerber, University Toronto....

You might like that alternative. It was a diagnosis method that Tom converted into a treatment.... here we use prototypes for infections and parasites with excellent results.



Oh Sven, yes I'm familiar with that, but Donny survived and is cancer free now!! He beat the nasty ol gleoblastoma with my help, and his marker tests just came back last month as still cancer free, he told me!!


Toughest man I ever met.