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SOLD/ Swapped-=1995 R1100RS with ARMEC Sidewinder leaning side car

SOLD/Swapped-This is my 1995 BMW R1100RS mounted with a 2000 Swiss built Armec articulating Sidewinder sidecar. The bike is ridden like any other motorcycle and leans normally through the turns while the sidecar remains upright. Videos of an Armec in action can be found on youtube. I actually find it a bit scary because I am used to a ridged sidecar. It takes some getting used too. Suspension is a progressive link system. Sidecar features an integrated hydraulic brake and a parking brake. The sidecar mounting required no welding. The sidecar can be removed from the bike in less than 10 minutes. The support frame stays on the motorcycle. The bike has a performance Remus exhaust and a tuned ECU to match. The combination (bike, sidecar and tuning) was recently built and put into service by an authorized BMW dealer, (Hermy's BMW in Port Clinton, PA). Service receipts available on request. The bike runs fine. Even the tires are good. The ABS works and there are no active ABS faults even with the sidecar attached. The bike was previously in solo-service and shows 38,000 solo miles. The sidecar was detached from an identical vehicle, set up and serviced for use on this bike and the bike painted to match. The paint matches perfectly including the yellow wheels. Includes 3 covers. One complete cover - a custom fitted protective cover for use when riding, one cockpit tonneau cover, one open cockpit tonneau cover. See covers in the pics. The set of factory luggage, two rear-sides and a top, are also included, and the original center stand too. Dimensions. I measured 59" wide from far head of the motor to the opposite edge of the sidecar fender with the BMW standing straight. The width of the sidecar at the opening is 16" but it is several inches wider at the seat. The sidecar flips open for easier entry & exit. Leg room is approximately 55" less the unusable space in the tip of the nose. The sidecar brake is drum. The model on the Armec website is the Schwenker (Swinger). It pretty much the same model by a different name, then sold here as a Sidewinder. According to Armec, the Schweker details are: Boat length: 205 cm; Foot length: 115 cm; Seat width: 52 cm; Trunk volume: approx. 150 liters; Spreading width: 127 cm; Weight: 65 kg. This sidecar alone (without the motorcycle) presently sells new in Switzerland for over 9000 Euros (or 10,660 Swiss Francs), which equates to $10,500 plus import, freight fees and installation. This had been a $15,000 sidecar when exchange rates were less favorable, and that' was then without the bike. The bike was just serviced again at Hermy's. Battery is new. Paint is flawless. The bike and sidecar are at my home in Kempton, PA (about 20 minutes NW of Allentown), but please serious inquiries only. Cash on pickup please. No checks. I will also consider partial/full trades for a ridged unit. I plan to make this into a rigged if it does not sell.

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