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SOLD - SOLD - 1989 Yamaha V-Max with Motek Bobby LE sidecar - SOLD - SOLD


Because of the increased difficulty to manage my physical maladies and the decision to spend most of the year in Italy, I have decided to sell one of my rigs, a 1989 Yamaha V-Max with Motek Bobby LE sidecar.

I purchased the V-Max new in May 1989. It is running very well, it has been very reliable with no need whatsoever for replacement of mechanical/electrical components and it has 45K mile of which 33K with the Bobby sidecar attached to it.

This combination is really one of a kind as it is the only Peter Stern’s ( ) conversion kit for Yamaha V-max I have seen at the various sidecar rallies I have attended since 2001 in the USA and Canada. The sidecar ( Motek Bobby LE ) is also kind of unique since Ralph Kalich (a German builder of articulated sidecars offers in Europe the same sidecar body but with different chassis and wheel. The sidecar body is a small-medium size, suitable for a small adult, a child, or a dog. I have used it, primarily, as a cargo to load my motorcycle gears and emergency tools.

I am asking $9950. This price includes:

1. All original V-Max parts replaced by the Stern’s conversion kit.

2. V-Max Corbin seat (currently not installed) in addition to V-Max stock seat.

3. Original Yamaha V-Max passenger backrest (currently not installed).

4. Original Yamaha V-Max Instrument Cowl Windscreen.

5. Original Yamaha V-Max Touring Windshield.

6. Original Yamaha V-Max spare parts (see attached spare part list).

7. Original Yamaha V-Max tool kit

8. New 15”spare car tires for V-Max and sidecar.

9. Shop tools including the J type tool for valve clearance adjustment (valve clearance check should be done again at 52,000 miles).

10. Yamaha Vmax shop manual.

If interested, I could show you how to perform these two important maintenance operations:

A. Valve clearance check and adjustment.

B. Drain and replace engine coolant.

I first ordered the V-Max conversion kit in 2000 and installed it on the bike myself with technical directions from Peter Stern. In 2001, still from Stern, I ordered the Motek Bobby LE sidecar which I also rigged to the V-Max by myself. The painting of all the parts (bike front fender, connecting tubes, etc.) and sidecar body were done by an auto body shop in St. Paul, MN. The V-Max body has retained its original candy red color (1989 V-Max).

The sidecar is attached to the bike subframe (part of Stern’s conversion kit) by means of two lower mounts and to the b
ike frame mounts (welded to the bike frame) by means of three adjustable upper struts. This rig has been very, very reliable, riding it has been a real pleasure as the bike Koni front & back suspensions and sidecar Bilstein shock offer the kind of stiff performance necessary for the power characteristics and weight of the V-Max. Originally, the sidecar came with a 15” Smart steel wheel (from the original German Smart car) which I decided to replace in favor of an EZS type aluminum wheel to match the ones on the bike. The bike steering tree was replaced with a new one for compatibility to the 43mm Stern’s front fork tubes (1989 V-Max had 40mm forks) which, in turn, also required later years V-Max dual piston brake calipers and disc brakes. The sidecar wheel hub is equipped with a Smart car disc brake and a Grimeca caliper which is connected to the V-Max rear master cylinder. The bike rear tire is 185x65xR15 while the front and sidecar tires are 175x55xR15.

Peter Stern’s V-Max conversion kit consisted of:

1. EZS type Earles (double braced) Forks with Koni shocks, brake caliper holders, steel brake lines, and Fiberglass front wheel fender.

2. EZS type 15” spun aluminum wheels with car type tires.

3. Rear wheel hub for compatibility to V-Max shaft drive.

4. Stern’s V-Max subframe with two eye-bolt mounts.

5. Koni shocks for the rear of the bike.

6. Three top eye-bolts mounts (to be welded on the bike frame).

7. Steering damper.

I also replaced the original bike handlebar with one slightly wider and with a little more pull back from a 197? Yamaha XS750.

With the sidecar purchase, I also ordered a 6 gallons auxiliary fuel tank. A switch (on the bike) and fuel selector, which I installed separately, allow the bike fuel pump to get gasoline from either the auxiliary tank or the bike 3.9 gallon main tank. The rig has always been kept in my house garage in Minneapolis, Minnesota and it will be visible for inspection and testing upon my return from Italy in April 2018. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at any time or call me at home (evening) starting April 2nd, 2018.

Thank you,

Piero Bassi

Attached files

V-Max Parts I Have.xls (37 KB)  V-Max Carburetor Parts I Have.xls (18.5 KB) 

NICE ! This should sell quickly.

Great bike!! (one of the best engine ever made!!!). I have a -94 with a California but nothing comparable with yours!! Why did you go for later Vmax brakes and not R1/R6 or Brembo? Do you know if the front fork is still available (in -94 size)?

Well now, wow! That's one of the nicest rigs I've ever seen offered for sale here.

$9900 you say? Oh, my. I wish I could.

Peter Stern's fork kit was designed for the 93 and up V-Max which had 43mm forks (versus the 40mm of my 89 V-Max) and caliper holders for the stronger two piston caliper of the 93 and up models (versus the one piston caliper of my 89 V-Max). So...I had to replace my original triple tree (40mm) and the brake calipers (two piston calipers) to accommodate Peter Stern's kit. The two piston calipers in conjunction with the size of the front tire 175/55-15 make a very effective braking system.


Besides, I don't think those double braced front forks in a 43mm size are currently available. However, in Europe, EZS may be able to build them for you (very expensive). Is there a custom fork builder in the USA? I don't know. Unit Leading Forks are not double braced and require the original V-Max front wheel and brake calipers...but if interested they may be available in this country as well. They should be pretty good anyway!


Just offered my Tbird sidecar to a pal... hope he makes his mind fast!!!
BTW...How does the speedo function?

Speedo? I am using a Sigma bicycle computer that through a small magnet on the front wheel detects the exact speed of the bike!



I remember you too! You mentioned the Canadian sidecar rally in ThunderBay, Ontario (2001?) . I thought I saw, for the first time, your beautiful 1800 Honda with Hannigan sidecar at the 2003 USCA sidecar rally in La Crosse, WI where you were the rally host, but....I can be wrong. Are you still a riding sidecarist? Are you still living in La Crosse? Take care - Piero