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small pop-up

Looking for a small pop-up camper to pull with the GL 1500/Kenna single. Prefer a Mini Mate or similar, beat up but rolling and repairable OK, hopefully in WA State. Can buy only if it's priced really low. Thanks, Mike

Hi Mike..... I think I know of one in Oregon or Washington....and last time I checked it was real cheap.... if you will call me I will give you my cousin's number in Redding Ca, (he owns it)

Joel Rapose
805 987 1750

Hi Mike... Sorry it did not work out with Don.... I was hoping that he still had that old camping rig... the camping trailer he now has is a pretty good one, but he does not like towing it...and decided he is now just going to camp using a tent...
I am in Southern California...but will keep an eye out for you....
Hope to see you and yer new camper at this years Chief Joseph Rally in Oregon...


Thanks Joel for your help. I wouldn't mind riding to John Day; heard it is one of the best. I'm still looking and hoping. Mike