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Sidecar wanted

Looking to buy another sidecar for a Harley. I do not want a original Harley sidecar as i do not like the looks of them. I like the looks of the Motovation Spyder or any vintage style, like a Liberty or Champion or a few other makers. Must be in excellent condition as i do not want junk. I am willing to travel quite a ways for the right rig am willing to spend up to $5000 863-287-6150 DAN

I have a motorvation with all options currently hooked to a 07 sportster its in great shape i am in the st louis area

What model Motorvation sidecar do you have and are you will to separate them as i already have the bike i want to mount it with?

A Spyder. New in 08. Black. Has Brooklands wind shield, a cover, seat belt, wire wheels. 618-806-5505. Probably 10,000 miles. I have 4 Harley sidecars so I guess I could part with one. It was my wife's and she now has a trike

Our classic is the same basic body as the liberty or Champion for $4995 new and including the proper bike specific mounts for your bike.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

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