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Sidecar wanted for 2002 Harley Davidson Softail Standard

Looking for a good sidecar for my 2002 Harley Davidson Softail Standard FXST.  My wife is blind and just got her first seeing guide dog. I am in Minnesota and looking to spend around $3000.

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I am willing to sell my early-2000's Ural chair alone (and keep the V-strom) seen in this ad, for $2,900:

Please let me know if that link doesn't work.  I can send info via e-mail if you like.

The chair suspension was lowered and originally came off a Harley.  It has many new parts and is in great shape, except it lost one of the light covers.  I can securely mount it on a pallet if you want to ship it.  I'm a 58-year old ex-Marine, so I promise you no surprises or disappointments...

You would need a bike-side subframe for your Harley and some miscellaneous struts.

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Hi Terry, 

I have an '02 Champion Legend sidecar mounted to my '03 Softtail I am willing to sell. It has the tonneau cover for the chair. You will need to assist your wife with entry and egress as it doesn't have a door or lift front. There is a step. It has the electric leveler, I have added a right turn signal and a polished aluminum diamond plate dashboard to the car. The dash has 2 12VDC outlets for heated clothing. It also has a 2.5 gallon (might be a 3.5 gallon) tour tank mounted to the frame with the quick disconnect, valve , and electric fuel pump. Reason for selling is my wife has Alzheimers and we don't ride anymore.

Chris Patrick