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After statements the poster made here, the assertion that the sidecar for sale is "new", and after attempting to contact the poster and listening to his telephone message, it appears that he is a dealer claiming to have sold MANY sidecars and that he is an installer.  Dealers are not allowed to advertise for free in the classifieds.  Someone is going to ask where that's written as a rule and it's not, but, it has been the policy since the beginning.  Every once in a while a car dealer will end up with a rig that was taken in as a trade and it shows up here.  We usually let that slide.  

Additionally, we recognize that sidecarists are opinionated.  We welcome polite presentation of opposing viewpoints.  We do not abide acrimony.  For those reasons, the "Rocket Sidecar New" and the associated posts have been deleted.

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