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Rhonda Reynolds outfit for sale

I just learned my friend Rhonda passed away last January. She was the winter camping lady in the video Sit, Stay, Ride, the story of America's sidecar dogs. Her outfit is for sale here-

2005 Triumph Tiger with sidecar - motorcycles/scooters - by owner -... (

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I contacted the seller and there was no obit published online.  No details other than that it was "sudden."  She was an amazing woman. The first time I met her was at DMC in May 2013 on the day she picked up her new outfit.  She had shipped her Triumph Tiger to Jay and then flew out from Wisconsin to do a fly-n-ride having never piloted a sidecar rig before.  I spent the better part of the day teaching her the basics including taking her on some twisty gravel roads.  Then off she went back to Wisconsin!

A year later when the Sit Stay Ride people ( asked me if I knew anyone interesting that they might want for the movie she was the first person I mentioned, after of course you Tom.

The picture below of Rhonda riding was on the road to Pyramid Pass on her first day!  The other two were from the Sit Stay Ride Reunion in Montana in 2015.  It was a privilege to have known her.

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Thank you for posting this Ned. She was an amazing person and I considered  her a dear friend. We stayed in touch after the SSR reunion. There was a real connection. Not only through SSR but we'd both served on Search and Rescue teams in our respective counties. I would imagine you noticed the same thing I did at that get together. You were the only one of the sidecarists I'd met previously but it seemed like we'd all known each other for a long time. The comradery was excellent.

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- "retired" WA state rep. Many years and many posts more than what show up here now.