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Paging alarm

The perimeter & motion sensors can be set sensitive enough to cover motorcycle and sidecar.  SR-I900 with all options: Anti-Hijack, Perimeter Sensor, Ignition Disable, Harley sub-Harness HD1 all included, retail over $400. This puppy will call you from a half mile away, and tell you if someone walked too close to your bike, if you set it that way. It can be set to do less than that, so no false alarms. It will tell you if someone took your bike off the sidestand, tried starting it, walked too close and stayed long enough for the warning tone to not make them go away (and let you know exactly which it was)- this thing is fantastic, and the only reason I'm not putting it on the new bike is that it already has an OEM alarm. Not as good as this one, though. It comes with the universal (wire into any bike lighting system), cut & splice, wiring harness, as well as the model specific subharness (no cutting, unplug a connector and plug this in the middle). The wiring subharness fits Softail 1997-2016, Dyna 1997-2015, Road King 1997-2006, Street Glide/Road Glide 1997-2006, Sportster 1997-2003, and Electra Glide 1997-2006. More subharnesses are available from the the OEM (they are cheap, in the $30 range depending on model). This is used and was installed, it is in good shape and worked at the time of uninstall. All batteries are rechargable, there shouldn't be any issues once installed and charged up, but I obviously can't guarentee anything without it being installed, and I can't guarentee your installation. Note this is not the model with cell phone or GPS options. (A subscription plan is required for those- this one does not require anything, in fact there are no more options to even consider, this system has everything made for it except maybe a model speficic sub-harness.)  Asking $250 obo.

Still available! Note, it does come with the universal harness to wire into any bike, plus the Harley one. This will not work on bikes with can bus systems.