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One new URAL Tonneau set left

One left, Unused Heavy Vinyl Tonneau and windshield apron set from URAL, America. $45.00 including US Priority shipping.

As pictured.

Northwest Sidecars
Ph. 208-629-8409

Attached files

I am interested, got an 08 Patrol they might look good on. I don't think the tubs have changed but do you know what exactly they are for? Off white it looks like similar to the older Deco.
How to pay? PP or....
Thanks for the offering and feedback.

Dana (dirtyDr) gave me the heads up and said your a HD guy and SC builder. I have wanted to hack my old 69 FLH and scouting out parts paticular adj triple trees or round swing arm mount

These are factory alternatives for the OEM black covers, in very heavy vinyl material. Ivory with black piping.
They fit URAL only, not Dnepr or CJ.

I sold off all of my Harley stuff a few months ago since I no longer work on bikes. Just sidecar installation needs.

PayPal works or a check.


Sorry Lonnie I'll pass. I was thinking a spare at the price. I have a good cover and can't picture white on white.
Good luck, I'm sure some one wll go for it