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Old Jawa/Velorex sidecar Cheap ------ SOLD


Old rounded style. With windshield, frame, fender, wheel, brackets for???

Death in family forces sale.

Located in Santa Clara CA


mledtje at att dot net

Rereading my post I can see I wasn't clear. As I read that it sounded like a bunch of parts. I didn't list the seat and may have missed other pieces.

Sidecar is complete, intact and sitting a garage on a property we need to sell.


Do you have the model?

From the description it's probably a 560 if it's new but a better bet that it's a 350/360 if it's as old as it sounds.  Same basic shape either way. just different mounting and suspension.  Terrific price if it's all there, even if it needs some work.

The seller should confirm if the picture is approximately correct.

Uploaded files:
  • s-l225.jpg

It looks a lot like that picture. It does not have the trim running around the car/fender. The seat is white in the middle. Same fender, same lights, same brackets on the windshield.

Sorry for not checking in very often, we are busy clearing out the house for sale.

You can call me at 4 zero 8 six six 0 six 7 0 three.