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Old bits for 1979 Motorvation Spyder Needed.

Hello. Finally bought a budget sidecar and now trying to fix it on the same short budget. Needs nearly everything. Upholster/seat/tonneau/shocks/brakes/lights/mounting parts.   Most of the fasteners are beyond saving. The sidecar was in a barn for 30 years and likely unbarned for a good period before I acquired it.  All bits would be for Older style Spyder T-1 in rough shape: 

Any leads on acquiring appropriate shocks and parts are appreciated. (it's pre swinging arm suspension, so one conventional shock, one air shock. )


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SzkudlarekReardan Tom

Anyone with any information on the shock for this old Spyder? 

Wondering if this is standard length or if the shock is rusted to this distance (yes it's rusted stuck, no compression or extension.)

Its part of this two shock set up from old style.  (it's been significantly cleaned up since this picture)