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New sidecar books

Hi folks,
I've written 2 new books on sidecars.
The Sidecar Guide covers all the usual questions that people new to sidecars ask, plus lots more including special expert written sections for disabled riders, dogs in sidecars and new sidecar riders experiences.

The Sidecar Guide also covers full setup and alignment as well as a complete sidecar driving course for beginners.

The Sidecar Technical Guide is the book for the builder. It contains information on how to construct a sidecar, subframes etc with plans. All technical aspects are covered. It also repeats the setup and alignment guide from the first book.

Take a look at our website if you'd like more information.

3WB The Sidecar Guide Books

I ran Motopodd and subsequently 3WB sidecars in the UK before recently retiring to Croatia.

all the best to sidecar people everywhere,

Rod 3WB.

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