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New design Ural patch

I saw a Ural patch on a Facebook post that I really liked, but could not find anything like it available anywhere on-line. So I designed my own and had 50 of them made by a company who has made custom patches for me in the past. These are excellent quality, embroidered patches. They are 4" wide X 3.5" high. They are sew on, not iron on.

I'm selling them for $7.50 each ~ including shipping to any address in the lower 48 USA states. Canada and overseas purchases - additional postage is required. They will be available to ship next week.

TO BUY - You can use PayPal and click - "Send to Friends and Family". Use the e-mail and in the "Add Note" put your mailing address. BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR ADDRESS.

These patches are crush proof, but NOT flame retardant. (inside joke)

I am selling this first batch EXCLUSIVELY on various forums and related Facebook posts to keep the cost low. If I sell out, there will be a 2 week delay to get more. If I sell them on E-bay cost will be $10 to cover E-bay fees.

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