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Mostly complete 2007 Honda Shadow with Velorex 523

Shadow "beater" bike, reliable running condition but not very pretty. Modified to accept sidecar, but not attached and currently ran as a solo.

1981 Velorex sidecar, completely redone electric, including spotlight, switches are on bike. Redone suspension and trailer wheel conversion, rides better than original. To mount car, some work needs to be done, but 90%+ ready.

This bike or car alone are probably worth over $2500, I want to sell them together so letting it go cheap.

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"Jet fuel only" love the hot bikes👍

Have you sold these?  If not, where are you located?

I still have this. I have purchased new mounts from DMC. I was very unhappy with the universal Velorex mounts, these are much better. Unfortunately, they need a bit of work to finish. I bought a Ural and am trying to sell this rig as is and be done with it. It has everything needed except longer struts. Axle and trailer wheel upgrade complete, convertible top included but needs a couple of mounting holes to finish, QD lighting all redone. It's pretty much done, just needs a little help to cross the finish line.


Call or text 810-543-3186. Near Detroit, MI