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looking for a complete rig

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Here is my current listing for sale.

If you're still looking, I'm selling my rig: a 2005 Yamaha Royal Star Venture with Hannigan Classic Sidecar

I have a "feeler" posting in the For Sale section of the forum -- Check it out 🙂

I'm in Cherry Hill, NJ so we're about 3-4 hours apart

Let me know if you have any interest or want more info


I have a 2013 Burgman hpp scooter with cozy sidecar attached. Recently rode it from Oxford, MD to Groton, CT. 65 MPH all the way. I live in Groton, CT. text me at 860-287-1108 if you are interested.

Thanks again to all who replied. I think I'm all set, Still have the Royal Enfield. Painfully slow but a pretty good around town rig. Going thru the Velorex 562 I picked up, removed the body, cleaned / painted the frame. Heeding Lonnie's advice about the GS1000 probably being too big for the 562, I have it mocked up on a 78 GS750. Changed the triple clamps to a set with a bit more offset and am using the later model leading axle fork tubes to decrease the trail. probably won't be finished with the Suzuki until the spring.

She's a little bigger than she was when I started looking.

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