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looking for a complete rig

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Hello all! New to the site. I'm looking to buy a complete rig, would consider just the side car if I can't come up with something within reasonable distance. I usually ride two wheels all year until the snow /ice becomes a problem but a new puppy has thrown a wrench in the works. I'd like to be able to take her with me but don't want to drive my truck all Summer. I'm located in Southern Connecticut, about an hour from NYC, right off I-95. Don't need a million dollar rig, just something dependable. I'll keep my eyes on the For Sale section also. Any help out there??

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Try Ural of New England

Frankenzuki, some of us here enjoy steering guys to likely rigs, but you need to give us more to go on. First of all, what's your budget? Do you want something just for fun around town, or will you be going on multi-day trips? Want to stay on paved roads or do you want something that's gravel and dirt-worthy? Prefer a cruiser-style, standard-style, GS-style, Russian-style or what? Any preference about bike brand (your handle suggests you like Zuks) or country of origin? If not sure, start cruising the Craigslist listings, eBay auctions, and rigs for sale here, then take notes of stuff you like and stuff that turns you off. Then let us know. We can put our sniffers down and try to smell out some likely rigs for you to check out.

Drone, thanks for the reply. Looking for something to Cruise around town.. No multi-day trips, Not much around here for dirt / gravel roads . Would like to keep it under 5K but would consider spending more. Would prefer something turn key. Would rather ride during the summer instead of wrenching. Otherwise open to pretty much anything.

What bike are you considering converting? Probably best to get a turnkey and keep your present ride for a solo.


Have a nice GS 1000 Suzuki could possibly use that

Big discounts available on our Velorex sidecars. 562 Cruisers dropped from $3,299. list price to $2,850. 563 Tours from $3,599.list price to $3,050.


Ok, Frankenzuki, that helps a lot. Basically what we'd call a starter rig. Low cost, for around town, not a fixer-upper. This means, basically, an older, or less desirable rig, but something that runs well. I'll PM you when I find something. Do you know how PM's work? You need to go into "My Settings" at the top of the page, then tell the forum that you want to receive e-mail notifications when someone sends you a private message.

You may want to check out Soviet steeds web site They have gray list stuff for sale for all and black list for dealers .most people that own Urals also own other bikes & side car rigs. Urals at least 2007 or newer. Best bet 2012 or newer.i have a2013 Ural Tourist single wheel drive it will almost anywhere No problem. Ural of New England is good dealer they usually left over from previous years and has big stock of new.

Too bad distance is an issue. I've got a 2005 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic cruiser, in nice condition, under 16K miles, with a Spirit of America FS1 very rare sidecar. The car is perfect for the ride along pup, the bike is excellent for around town and such. I'm asking over $6K but will make a deal if you pick up the freight. If this is of interest, try freight from a seattle zip to a freight yard local to you. See my listing under complete rigs for sale, offered by Jake.
And the same offer applies for any other interested party.


Yes I saw your post, too bad we are on opposite coasts. was out in your area (almost) Portland OR and southern Washington, 2 years ago. Put 1400 miles on a rented BMW RT1200 in 4 days. Love the roads in the NW. I'll check on freight but I'm afraid of what it will be.

To my knowledge the FSI and Spirit of America are two entirely different sidecars. One 140# the other about 190#.

The one in your ad is an early California Sidecar Co. Friendship one. A good fit that may or may not need mount upgrading.


I'm back. Just checked, it's 2935 miles here to you. Great time to travel with the pup. Fly out with the doggie, and take a ride east, see the country. Air to Seattle is $300 and more. We can put you up, and what a great season to ride. I'd planned a cross country from here to Maine, it didn't work out but it could be a terrific ride. And your pup would love it. At 200/day it's a couple of weeks, 300 it's 10 days or so. Keep us in mind if nothing turns up your end. Have a good one. Jake.

I am also in CT (Danbury) and was about to list my 1978 Goldwing with California sidecar mounted.
The Wing is original and in great shape, as is the Sidecar. If you have ever been to Marcus Dairy on a Sunday you may have seen it. I don't have any pictures on this computer but can send you some from my work Comp. if your interested. Or I can ride out and meet you if you would like.
I'll let it go for $4800.00 and have many extras that will go with it.

Dan A.
Danbury CT


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Hi: Did you ever find a complete rig? I just recently listed mine for sale. Any questions, let me know. I'm in Rhode Island, southern part right off I-95.

Thank You to all who replied. Borrowed a Royal Enfield from a guy I used to work with. Has a Cozy Sidecaron it now. I pulled the interior out and have been cruising around with Maya for a couple weeks now. Only had 587 mile on it when I picked it up, just shy of 800 miles on it now. Weve been able to put enough miles on now that I'm comfortable that this will work. Just bought a slightly used Velorex 562 for $800. Will be mounting it up on my 79 GS1000. I'll get that squared away and then give the RE back!

An early 562 will work with an early GL with upgraded suspension and ballast. Remember the 562 Standard was designed for a 500cc bike that weighed a little over 300# and will bottom out and wallow in turns with the OEM suspension. After 2004 the 562 Cruiser models had a beefier suspension. One can upgrade to this for around $700.

I have a Bolt on upgrade for use with heavier bikes or for off-road usage that uses a 1" axle instead of the 15mm stock one.
$300. including US shipping.

Northwest Sidecars

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Lonnie, Thanks for the heads up. This was previously mounted on a 73 FLH, much bigger than my Suzuki. The PO gave me a couple of ballast weights he had used with the car. I'll get it mounted up and see how it is. I have a set of leading axle forks i'm going to swap onto the bike to help reduce the trail. Anybody have any tire recomendations? 18" rear, 19" front right now.

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