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Looking for a BMW rig in the South East US

I'm a BMW airhead fan but might consider a K model or a Oil-head as a tug.  I like the Steib style sidecars, or a look alike.  I would prefer a leading link front end.  Not looking for a show quality rig, but it should be mechanically sound as a daily rider.  Price would match the year, condition and mileage.  Thanks, Brad

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Hannigan Motor sports . deals in a fair amount of used BMW rigs. No junk if they have it it is good to go.


Worth while to call them often bikes on the floor not listed on web sight. They are not real big on internet  Stuff

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Bradley MandellFlyinMonkeys

Hi Bradley,

 I have a very nice K100/EML rig for sale in Ithaca, NY. 
This is a fully integrated EML outfit with EML bike frame, suspension, and wheels at all three corners. 
Chair is color matched and comes with rain cover and a tanaugh cover. 
The handling is superb. My son is a long time solo rider. After his first ride he said “My 4-wheel vehicles don’t go down the road this straight!”

54? K miles since new. Meticulous maintenance. $11k. 

six oh 7 twenty two 7 fifty 3 eighty 

jim at vitamingresearch dot com

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