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leading link for 80 s Honda V65 Magna

I had this on before, and pretty much, did not check on my ad often enough... Custom made and off a 1983 V65 Magna $ 450. and I will pay to ship to lower 48. call me @ 316 250 6045

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Can you tell me the diameter of the tubes? And maybe the length from the axel to the top of the tubes? Just wondering if I could get these to fit my cb900c.

Call me @ 316 250 6045 We can talk... you will need more info than those measurements....

Thanks. My iphone is on the blink so Ill give you a call from work tomorrow if I get a chance.

I found many V 65 Magna triple trees on eBay for under $ 40. also front wheel, calipers, discs, bolts, everything you need to convert except possible steering stem mod. All for $ 184.

sold sold sold !!

Still sorry you came? 🙂

Just sorry I upset the asking why the site was so slow

You didn't upset anything. We have been working to find alternatives that would provide better response times and more features on the site. The big issue is the Forum. The software that was used [many years ago] is called MegaBBS. It's the software you are looking at right now. The forum represents our "club memory' and the idea of abandoning the thousands of old posts just isn't acceptable to most of us. If we could start over from scratch we would have done it a long time ago.

We've been talking about this for a long time but recently the response times have gotten so bad that I have been working pretty much full time on finding a good alternative. The short term solution is to move to a dedicated server or some virtual version of that. The cost for that dedicated server is about $150/mo plus almost as much for premium support [since we can't be down for any substantial period]. $300 a month is just too much for us to spend for a very long time. We're looking for a cheaper solution for hosting while keeping in mind that we'd like a whole new look and feel for the site along with some new features. Oh yeah, AND we'd like the management of the site to be much easier.

Don't want much do we? Despite sounding impossible we are closing in on a short term solution that will be a little less than the $300/mo number and we have found a company that can migrate our current forum posts to a new, more modern and flexible platform. Now we have to complete the due diligence and present this to the BOD for approval. I hope to have that worked out sometime next week. BUT, making the decision and getting the new stuff in place is not the same thing. If we get approval to make the jump it will take us quite some time to get it installed.

That's what I know for now, I'll try to keep you guys informed.

Thanks man. The unit showed up today. I can't believe it, you just shipped 2 days ago! Now I have a project to get it fit to my motorbike. A bit of cutting and machining with some welding mixed in and I think it will work just fine. Thanks again.

Yeah , I was pleasantly surprised , that it arrived so quickly.. Glad to hear that you are pleased with the fork. Wish you well with your project. It would be great to see photo's when it's finished. Thank you for your purchase, and God Bless