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SOLD- Kozi Premium Rocket Sidecar

  1. I have for sale a very nice condition Kozi Premium Rocket Sidecar that has all the bells and whistles as available from which includes chrome rear rack, floor mat, tonneau cover (never used), chrome side and front bumpers, shock absorber type suspension and rubber mounted body like the originals. Also added is the auxiliary light with on/ off switch in the cockpit that is not included in the $3495 price. Also not included in that price is the tire & tube or the auxiliary light.   

I purchased this with the intent of attaching it to my R75/5 but have changed my mind. This sidecar was attached to a 2015 Honda Shadow Aero 750 from new which was 2015 I believe. I think it is the universal mount that I will include. I would be surprised if it had 500 miles on it. Paint is good with a few rub marks from a cover that will polish out. Save over $1000 and purchase mine for $2600. This is a lot of sidecar for the money! You can reach me at 314-348-4990. Located near Tulsa, OK. Feel free to text for pics or I can email. 


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Where is the sidecar located? Looking to use with 2002 Harley Davidson fast softale standard.

It is located 15 minutes east of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Terry,  In my opinion, that sidecar is too small for your bike.  It was designed to be used on Royal Enfield repops made in India.  You should not just take my word for this, do some research but don't think for a minute that every sidecar is suitable for every bike.  This is not a slap at the seller or the sidecar.  It's just fine when used with an appropriate bike.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

This sidecar came off of a 2015 Honda Shadow Aero 750 and performed as it should. The difference in weight between it and a 2002 Harley Softail Standard is about 70 lbs. I don't know that it would be that much difference on the Harley but I would talk to a few shops that perform installs. I was told it is not recommended on a large touring Harley like an Ultra Classic (these weigh well over 800 lbs.) but at the same time was told that one weighing 230 lbs. was ok by one of the big sidecar companies. In reality, that's only about 30 lbs. more than mine. So I really don't know a good answer other than to check with several sources. Happy to help in any way.

Thank you, I am new to this and just looking around and trying to research.