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I have an almost new less than 200 miles. We have had 3 KLR sidecar rigs previously with these parts before and know they work perfectly. The KLR we bought these parts for was rode hard and put away wet by the previous owner, being sold separately. We decided to sell off parts and rig up our Goldwing instead.

DMC Sidecars Leading link special ordered to work with GEN 1 and GEN2 Kawasaki KLR650. Special configuration to use GEN 2 large brake rotor, 2 piston brake caliper and axle. Base price $3000 was fork and shipping. Will sell with GEN 2 high volume brake master cylinder and lever, brake caliper, large wave rotor and axle and free shipping in continental US for $3,000.

Machinest just delivered new stainless steel shims to adapt his fork to Generation 2 KLR650 08-2014 $100.

DMC Sidecars KLR 650 Sub frame was $650 + $75 optional skid plate + shipping, Sell to you for $600 including FREE shipping to continental US.

Have picture of fork, will get subframe picture later.

Write chin.marty

Call Marty 707-980-6261

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Good luck for the new owner.