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Jawa 560 parts

First time sidecar owner. I purchased a Jawa 560 that was diassembled. I have the frame mounted to a 1977 BMW R 100 S. Now it is time to finish the tub. Parts are missing.
Does anyone have or know where I can buy the following pieces?
I have only seen pictures of a 560.

The clear lens that goes on the light on the front of the fender. Both complete lights would be nice as the two I have are in rough shape.
Wind screen.
The grab bar?? (hoop that goes in the front of the cockpit)
Rubber molding for the edges of the cockpit.
Seat. This is something I can fab up but need to know how it is mounted.
Rubber?? spacer between windscreen and body.

Info as to how the front of the fender is held down.
Sheridan, WY