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IRBITZ 1955?

IRBITZ sidecar complete and excellent condition. It looks like a URAL or  DNEPR. It has brake hub but no innards. BMW might work It has  no rust, good  seat  fabric, tennau w/ leather  clips, new  tire 19" , shiny black painted  rim, green  primer, no dents that I have  discovered, new  body to frame and suspension  rubbers. Bottom mounts  are  clevis/ball and  top mounts  are bayonet type . Fender and  light are straight. $1300 plus  ship cost from 36532
251 928 5962  leave message  if  your  ID is  blocked. We don't answer  blocked  ID  calls. I will call back
Jon Thornton

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Do you still have this sidecar? We're in Navarre FL not far from you. Early thanks for your time. John You can email me direct

I purchased this sidecar from Jon several months ago. It has been STOLEN from me. Please keep a look out for this sidecar. It is STOLEN. The light on the fender is bent and so is the axle.

Nice neighbourhood You have.
To get something like this stolen should be a shame for the thief. Anyway a good friend's BSA-Goldstar got stolen from inside the Workshop where he sent it for reconstruction.
Any house cat at your place?
One of the best known Notaries in our home town rode my father's Alfa Spider for years...There are always some "genius" long fingers, who find their profit. (that long finger lost his family much later and is now a shadow of his former he. I have the feeling the notar too as his buffet is not where it used to be for decades.)
Watch out for Pinoccio.

Peter, Please translate... what is a "Notar"?

Notary = public lawyer, authorized for to execute ownership transfers.
That wants to say, not everybody who executes a nobel trade wears a clean shirt.

House cat = someone who steals or cheats from inside an organisation.
No need to name the involved ones, as they "fell allready due to their own weight", and most locals in Ratzeburg know well who they are.

Watch out for Pinoccio = Tim, should have a closer look at, who was involved in that theft, before he gets another stab in his back and suffers further damage.


I got my sidecar back and the cops got the bad guy. Best part is, the guy who was selling it straightened the axle and replaced the rim and hub.

Good to hear you got it back and the cops got the perp. And it's in better shape than when it vanished!! Unusual situation. Good outcome in spite of the aggravation.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom