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Incomplete Velorex top bows

I began to make top bows for the stock cover. Someoneon this site was kind enough to furnish me with factory ones. I am willing to part with what I have for pretty cheap. (A cup of coffee and shipping...?) I have the mounting hardware, it is marine bimini top hardware. I have the main bow in 1/2" aluminium tubing. This needs to be extended, as the bow is short due to the lengths of tubing I was sourcing, but just the straight, easy part. It needs the folding, small diameter bow, which I was planning on making from 1/4" tubing. The hardware is included for this.


Anyone interested? Probably around $30-40 Worth of stuff, and maybe another $5-10 will finish it off. Located between Port Huron and Detroit, Michigan.

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If you still have them which cart where they for? Looking for a set for 565