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Honda Nighthawk 750/Velorex 562 for sale, Dallas, Texas



SOLD. 2003 Honda Nighthawk 750 and 2005 Velorex 562 connected sidecar 9095 miles


Tom Hampton

Dallas TX 75214


Excellent condition, mounted on rigid subframe with proper geometry to run true and straight at 70 mph all day. It has a good weight balance between the car and the motorcycle, yet has ample horsepower to tackle hills or keep up with traffic. The bike is a bullet proof Honda that is iconic for reliability and low maintenance. It is color matched with custom  flame paint detail on the car.

The sidecar can be detached and the motorcycle ridden independently.

This rig has been ridden thousands of happy miles all over Texas and Arkansas, even along the famous Pig Trail Highway 23 in northern Arkansas, a challenging bike road that it handled with ease.

It features a hydraulic sidecar brake, convertible top, luggage rack, passenger controlled nose air vent, fan controlled forced air heater, and tonneau cover.

The tires and inspection, registration are all current, and I have the clear title as owner.

The bike features two different windscreens that are interchangeable, one large and shielding, one smaller and sportier. It has a voltage monitor and a current AGM no-maintenance gel battery. There is a battery tender port, and comes with a battery tender/charger setup. There is a 12 volt accessory receptacle mounted, and heated grips are included. The bike and the sidecar are all LED, except for the main headlight. The brake lights are pulsating type for added safety visibility.

A travel bag for the luggage rack is included, as are some  tire changing tools, spare tube for the sidecar wheel.

The price is as delivered at my home in Dallas, cash or PayPal accepted for payment. Signed title provided uopn receipt of payment.


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Looks like a great rig at a very fair price.