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Hedingham leading link front end for Harley-Davidson bagger

HEDINGHAM front end off an 02 HARLEY-bagger that was mocked up with a sidecar and the sidecar was too small for it so it was taken off and I bought it from the gentleman I was going to build a rig with it on my on my bike. Instead I bought a high speed Sidecar built by Bill Ballou. So the front ends for sale my number is 817 932 4555 in Texas I also have the sport fender with it and MOUNTS on it are for the stock Fender brake lines are on it and I believe the 02 and up goes to like 07 or 08 you'll have to check that out yourselves thanks. Doc $1250.oo I'm told the hedingham front end is the finest in the world that's why I bought it course that's subjective I'm sure

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can you send me a couple of photos of the leading link. What diameter are the upper tubes? How far apart are the tube tops center to center? Which wheel was this designed for? stock or auto tire?
Do you have the front wheel?

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I was wondering if you got the pictures that I sent you I'm not very good with computers so I was just checking to make sure I did the right thing thank you

Sorry, never received anything, photos or email..

We're both in Texas, maybe we can set up a time and place to meet and take a look at the forks.


NW Houston

I'm in Haltom City Texas up by Fort Worth the front ends on the workbench in my garage you have my phone number if I can be of any help I'm not very good with this internet stuff I'm an old guy and haven't kept up with all this I'm trying to learn it's six and a quarter inches wide it takes the stock axle and spacers with your wheel the brake lines are there and it's standard Harley tubes for Harley bagger. The only time I get your messages is when I go to the website the sidecar website it doesn't post them to me or anything so that's why I haven't been answering you real quick I just realized that they're all sitting there are some other people asking too but you are firstand I'll honor that fact sorry I'm not better at this thanks again

Thanks Doc, my project has been shelved so am not needing a leading link at this time. 🙁