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HD TLE Windscreen

Anyone know who sells a windscreen like this for a HD TLE sidecar?

(I checked with the owner of this, he can't find the receipt)

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If I was looking for one, I think I would go to a local plastics shop. You may be able to get away with a flat piece of plastic since the shield is so short. I bought a few different height windshields for my 2000 FLHT and they were all shipped to me flat. Also, there are a lot of Harley windshield sellers on ebay maybe one of those guys could make one for you.

You could check with Pat or Robin at Clark's Custom Windshields 270-242-4643 or or Good people, those two. I've purchased several windshields from them over the years for both my bike and sidecar.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom