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HD sidecar mounts for California sidecar

I picked up a California sidecar for my '99 Ultra, looking for a way to mount it to the bike without owning a bank. Anyone know of an economical way to do this?

Buy a subframe mount set and get your wife or girlfriend to pay for it. lol


hawgluvr - 10/6/2012 8:21 PM I picked up a California sidecar for my '99 Ultra, looking for a way to mount it to the bike without owning a bank. Anyone know of an economical way to do this?

Unfortunately, if you are going to do it right, you either need the right tools or be a really good welder fabricator, willing to reinvent the wheel.

I've owned a number of rigs now and each time I bought one that was "custom built", I'd end up having problems. In most cases, you are much better off going with the pieces a professional installer offers. I've had really good luck and great service from Jay and Barry at, and can't say enough good about them. Every time I purchase a kit from them it is a straight forward bolt on with no surprises.

There are other good ones out there as well.

Thank you Mike for the kind words. Our web site is or
In any event, we make bike specific mounting hardware for your bike and many others. In the end you may find it less money to buy mounts and do the job only once rather then trying to make do and having to redo what you did and or fix damage to your bike. Your life depends on the mounting job being done properly.
On thing some people do not thing about is should some thing go wrong. If your parts were made by your self or some of the suppliers on this site you may be out of luck because not every company has proper insurance as a manifacture, as few think that thier grarage keepers insurance will cover them. It will not. Insurance is part of the reason mounts made by the top shops cost a bit more as insurance does not come cheap. You also have a nice expensive bike, the mounts should reflect the quality of the bike and as such should come powder coated and or zinc plated depending on the part. This also adds to the cost. In our case we also provide living wage jobs to our employee's with, Medical, Dental and vission coverage as such it is a wonder that we can sell mounts for as little as we do. If you have the two upper mounting eye bolts from the original bikes mounts and your sidecar is new enough that it has 5/8 inch hiem joints on the lower mounts then you are looking at only $675 for the mounts.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

Jay G DMC sidecars 15616 Carbonado South Prairie RD Buckley WA 98321 866-638-1793 Hours Monday - Thursday 6-4:30

Lower mounts are the old "flower and collet" style, forgot to check the uppers.

The collet with the extruded steel flower and marble sized ball are not a safe way to go. I witnessed a new Ultra / FSI combo with those mounts that had separated from the bike on US 97 back in 1988, the FSI was a new sidecar (in 1989 they went to the 5/8" heim joint lower mounts). The upper mounts are no safety problem.
They also upgraded the suspension to a swing-arm with coil over shock replacing the torsion strap suspension that year.

The DMC bosses will slip right into the early FS clamps.