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Harley sub frame for Ultra glide


For sale sub frame for mounting side car to a Harley ultra.
$100.00 OBO + shipping if you want it shipped.

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Is this still for sale? What year Harley will it fit? I have a 2005.

Yes I still have it. Yes it will fit a 2005.

Frame change in '08. May affect subframe mounting.

Pm sent

The change was '08 I believe. The same year they went to a 6" rear wheel from the 3 1/2". I believe the frame downtubes may be a larger diameter.
If so the Motorvation mounts shown may be affected with the changes. Larger diameter U-clamps are available if this is the case.

The FS 3 may have 5/8" heim joints to clevis for the lower mounts. If so, you can still go heim joint to eye for the lower connections as many mfg'rs of the heavier cars (like Hannigan) use eye to eye connections. I don't know if Motorvation has a clevis style U-clamp available for use with their sub-frames.


fit 07 not an 08

Hi Dale,
Did you buy it? Rick G. just bought an '05 FLH and is going to mount his current Harley sidecar to it. This might be of use to him if it's still available. I sent him the link to this thread. One of these days when you're over this way, we'll go up on Rick's mountain so you can meet...

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

I still have sub frame

yes I still have it