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Harley mounting kit for touring models part #87166-09

I am selling my harley sidecar mounting kit. It has been mounted to the bike but never mated with a sidecar frame so it is still in new condition. I will be keeping the master cylinder relocator but everything else that comes with the kit will be there. $1,200.00 retail but I am asking $900 or any REASONABLE offer! Part #87166-09. Feel free to give me a call of you have any questions. Ed 678-517-4667


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Thanks for the reminder. Kit is located in Powder Springs, Ga. 30127

Could you please be more specific as to what model and year your bike is, also the year manufacture of the Harley sidecar and frame (VIN would be nice) {ex: Ultra Classic Electra Glide -- 2010; sidecar is a 1980 CLE, 2009 TLE}

That would be a huge information gain for me. I could go to Microfish OEM pages to locate the brake relocation area and configuration.

Pictures would also be nice detail with close-ups on the 3 location points.

Thank you,

Greg "WindSock" Gaston

Wondering if you still have 87199-09 for sale? Thank Mark

Hi Ed I was wondering if you still have the kit? Thanks Mark