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Hannigan Astro

I have a 2001 Hannigan Astro sidecar for sale mint condition, asking 4000.00 obo. I am located just south of Detroit will deliver up to 100 miles or we can arrange shipping. 9092784151

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Ive got the twin to your bike and its a 1999. I like your car and it would match perfectly its just a little too large for my needs . Nice setup .

I have a 1994 Honda Goldwing SE 1500. Can this car work on my bike? I don't really know anything about sidecars at all. I just want to be safe. Does this sidecar have brakes?


Yes it can work with your bike, I'm not sure if the mounts from my bike will fit your bike. You would have to ask hannigan directly. Yes it has brakes, and the tilt control.

If this is still available does it have brake and electric lean?

I just pm'd you

Yes it has hydraulic brake and electric lean I can be reached at 909 278 4151

sent you a pm