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Hagon Sidecar Shocks

I've got one brand new and one used.

Markings on the box 340H26SS indicate they are 340mm in length with hard damping and 26kg slim line springs.

Eye at both ends.

From an English sidecar ... Heddingham maybe? I asked Hagon USA but they aren't sure themselves since the markings I can find only indicate technical features

$219 for a pair new so since one is new ... how about say $80 for the new one and $45 for the used or we can work out a swap for a 330mm Dnepr sidecar shock with eye and clevis

I'll get some pics tomorrow but in the meantime .. I have the all black ones in the middle


Please ad the location of the items you have for sale. Our ad policy is free but ads must show item price, location and if there are sepcial terms [trade or purchase, escrow service, etc]. Thanks!

Ah, no problemo Al.

Items are located in Montreal Canada.

I think the rest of the ad is straightforward concerning price or trade, but if not let me know.

Thanks, Dan

Thanks Dan! Just keeping this the best place to buy and sell sidecar stuff.

Open to offers if anyone has interest!

Do you still have the Hagon shocks I am building a new sidecar and would be interested if you put them on eBay shipping would be to Carson city NV 89705

tried to send a pm to you but they seem to be stuck in my outbox?

anyways, yes I still have them

Just a note on how PM's work. A copy stays in your mailbox after it has been sent. I know this is confusing but that's the way the application we use was written.

Thanks for the replie but I have purchased a weld together kit from DMC and a shock to save time

no problem, hope it all comes together, keep us posted

I've still got these sitting around if anyone is interested