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GTL or SP2 wanted

now that I have a new tug I am trying to decide what to hook to it. I'm not sure I want to put my Motorvation II on it

we really like it but I just don't know if I can make it a good match. I really like the GTL and SP2 Hannigan cars

I honestly can't afford a new one so I would need an older model, I would even be OK if it needed some work or even has some minor accident damage as long as it's structurally safe and is repairable. 

USCA # 8913

If you decide to sell the Motorvation II to buy something new, let me know.  I would be interested in purchasing it from you.



I will keep that in mind. my thoughts at the moment are to try to sell the whole rig as a turn key set up first, if that doesn't look to pan out then make a decision about whether to move it over to the 1800 or replace it with something newer. right now I'm replacing some coolant hoses and thermostat on the Wing so it's just sitting in the garage. what kind of bike do you have. 

USCA # 8913

It’s not a Hannigan but I have this one for sale.  It’s a Champion Daytona 2+2 that I bought used last year, with plans to bolt to a gl1800. My plan changed when I found a complete rig I wanted. 

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looks nice, couple questions

where are you located and how much are you asking 

then the little stuff like does it have elec. lean, is there any mounting hardware at all with it 

USCA # 8913

I’m asking $3500. It does have electric lean. I haven’t Ed tested it but I will hook it up to a battery to make sure it works. I was told the subframe and mounts are for a Honda Valkyrie. I have never mounted it so I don’t know for sure. It’s in South Dakota but I’ll be driving to AZ in the next month or so and could deliver it along the way if that helps. Or I could deliver else where for expenses. I can get some more pics if you’re interested. I haven’t advertised it so I don’t have the pics and details pulled together yet b

I would like to see more pictures. Wow, South Dakota would be a bit of an issue as I'm in Savannah Ga. 

but you never know, are you planning to go to the rally in Mena AZ.  in June



USCA # 8913

Send me your email and I’ll send some pics. I just took them in my garage because it’s raining outside today, so they aren’t the best. 
GA is a bit out of the way but maybe we could meet. 
it also has a brake. 

will check out pictures and discuss with the wife unit and get back to you






USCA # 8913

sent you another message high octane about your sidecar

I am looking hard for a new car now that I have sole my 1500 rig. looking for something mid to large size that opens for easy entry

ready to make road trip to pick up when the right deal comes along 

USCA # 8913

Sorry. I sold it a couple of weeks ago. Good luck I’m sure there is something around that will work for you. 

glad to here you got it sold.

Yep the search continues 

USCA # 8913

well if all goes as planned my search is over, I found a nice Friendship 3 in Fl. and plan to go pick it up this weekend 

USCA # 8913