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GL1800 Sidecar Mounts

I have for sale the mounts that attach to a 2007 Goldwing. These mounts allow you to attach a sidecar. They may fit other GL1800’s but I am not very knowledgeable of Goldwing’s. These came off a 2007 GL1800 / 2007 Champion Escort combo. The original owner traded the GL1800 in on a new trike and I bought the sidecar with the mounts. I mounted the sidecar on a different bike, so I could not use the mounts. Now I am selling the mounts to try and recuperate some of my cost.
These are in good shape and could be mounted as is or there are some stone chips that could be touched up to make them perfect. The lower mounting points are set up for a ¾” wide heim joint with an Ø?” hole. I am including the upper eyelets that are a ½” wide with an ؽ” hole.
As a bonus all the mounting screws are include. The previous owner packaged them and labeled the location for each bolt. There are 7 mounting locations and 7 bolts, but I have no way of knowing if these are correct because I don’t have a GL1800. The original owner was a great person to do business with so I am sure they are correct. I say bonus because I don’t want you to be upset if you have to make a trip to the hardware store.
I have included installation instructions, but these mounts I’m selling are newer than the instructions show. But you should get the idea of how they mount.

($400 includes shipping to the 48 states)

Attached files

I added more pictures

Sold, Thanks Barry.