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GL1500 mounting hardware wanted

Looking to mount a sidecar to my 1994 Goldwing and looking for the mounting hardware that attaches to the bike. Contact me directly @ Thanks

It would help to know which sidecar you have in mind for attachment. They don't all use the same mounting hardware.


Hi Lonnie,
It is a Jupiter sidecar. I am most concerned about the GL1500 specific mounting hardware - once I get that I will probably have to fabricate something to attach the sidecar to the mounting brackets.

Hi Brian; I'm having my GL1800 my attached in February at Hannigan Motorsports to a used Sidecar I purchased from this site. Hannigan is selling me a specific GL1800 S/C 5 Point Strut Kit which they will install on my used Hannigan HMS-SP2 Sidecar. Perhaps Hannigan sells a GL1500 5 Point S/C Strut Kit as well that would fit your bike and sidecar. Their number is: (270) 753-4256.

Try DMC. The Jupiter is a predecessor of the Sputnik sidecars and DMC is the last importer of these and have mounts.