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Full Rig Wanted




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My wife and I are looking for a sidecar rig. It would be nice if we could find something to fit to my 1974 BMW R75/6, but I also recognize the wisdom of finding a complete rig that was set up correctly and sorted out. Generally, we are looking for a sidecar that has easy entrance and exit for my wife, comfortable seat and ride, and relatively higher ground clearance – wife doesn’t like the feeling of being too close to the road surface. We tend to prefer the more traditional looking rigs. We are not planning to take long highway trips and would use mostly secondary roads. A trip around Lake Superior might be in the future. I can add that I do just about all of the maintenance on my bike myself, although I did send the transmission out for a rebuild. I'm really hoping to end up with a BMW sidecar rig, but I’m open to other options. Not interested in Russian sidecars. I'd say that our price range is in the 10K or less region. It would be nice if we could find something within about 5 hours of Chicago, but I'd be happy to travel anywhere in the U.S. for the right rig.


Chicago, IL



First things first, I'm interested in that circumnavigation of Lake Superior.  Let us know when you want to go.

Second, is your objection to Russian sidecars just because they're Russian?  That's fine but if you see a physical or design issue maybe you could share it?

Third??? Well, you might want to stick with a lighter sidecar.  The R75 will definitely pull a sidecar but it would be happier with something like a Velorex or similar.  A possible sidecar modification would be to look for a lower ratio final drive.  It would give better low end at the expense of some top speed but you indicated your preference for secondary roads.  Talk to whoever is doing your transmission rebuild.

Al Olme

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota


Thanks very much for your reply. Going in reverse order.. I understand that there are some limitations in the type of sidecar that can be added to the R75/6. I'm actually leaning more towards getting an entire rig, and keeping the R75/6 for solo riding.

I don't know of any physical or design issues with the Russian sidecars.

With some luck, my wife and I should have a rig in time for summer riding. I will post a note when we are planning to ride around Lake Superior. It would be a lot of fun to be able to do that with other sidecar riders.

Mark Segraves

Chicago, IL

Hi Mark.....If you would like to give me a call I will share what I have learned about the good and bad of the various rigs I have owned including my present one a 84 R100RS\EML rig........Harvey any time .


Harvey, Thanks. I will give you a call this week.

I'm putting a deposit check in the mail for a rig that I'm going to see and hopefully ride home near the end of March. This rig was offered to me by someone that saw my note on this list. If all goes well, my wife and I will be new sidecar rig owners just in time for Spring here in the cold Midwest. Outside temp was 10F this morning, with wind chill of -8F.

Mark Segraves

Chicago, IL

Update: Mark and his son Daniel left Thursday for Chicago after buying my BMW 1200RT/Hannigan rig.

I had never posted the rig for sale, only toyed with the idea of selling. Responded to Mark's Full Rig Wanted notice and we made a deal. Just goes to show there are people who read all of postings.


Ride safe ya'll


Pilot your rig northwest of Detroit,  and we'll do some riding. My rig will hopefully be ready shortly. (Yes I've been saying that forever, but the last major piece is currently being machined.) Perhaps a nice 4 hour shake-down excursion before you brave Gichi Goomi. 😉

Email me at if you like.

Mark, Did you find a rig? I have a 2004 BMW K1200GT with a double wide California Friendship III, for sale.  Asking $7,500. It's a well proven rig. I located in West Virginia. I can send pictures. 

Thanks , Gary

I have gotten the 2006 BMW R1200RT/Hannigan Dual Sport sidecar rig from CCjon. Really like it a lot!