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SOLD For Sale 1988 R100RT with Watsonian Monza Sidecar $10,750

The rig is exceptionally well set up for smooth handling; Unit Front Fork, motorcycle subframe for stability, car tire/wheel on rear of bike, Metzler K Block tire on the front of the bike, auto battery installed in trunk of sidecar, easy off oil filter, steering damper, Teutonic Thousand Mile seat, newly painted with new Gustaffson windshield. The sidecar comes with tonneau cover as well as a convertible top and frame. Motorcycle Vin:WB1046900J6292870

Watsonian Monza sidecar is mid 1950's. Zippy ride, I call it my Miata sidecar. Please contact me for more information & pictures.  Located in Palm Bay Florida – local pickup only



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Posting asking price will generate perhaps more interest - 

The price is in the title....

For Sale 1988 R100RT with Watsonian Monza Sidecar $10,750

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

What’s the mileage on the tug? What’s a reasonable cruising speed when 2up?

Mileage 87498
Cruises along at interstate  speeds. 65 - 70
Sometimes had passenger in the sidecar. My wife often used this as a work ride; computers, manuals & Re- Cessa Annie’s (CPR instructor).
We currently have 2 rigs and due to health, I can’t ride anymore. Selling one.  The work done on this rig is solid; from the sub frame to the unit forks to the car tires. Great handling and comfortable ride. Love the Thousand Mile’er seat. There are saddle bags that go with this rig as well.
- David

Would you sell the sidecar by itself? Looking for a partner for my 2002 Triumph.

Not selling separately - Listed in Complete Rigs for sale as this sidecar and motorcycle are set up as a complete rig.  Descriptions states: sub frame, unit forks, steering dampner as well as motorcycle has a rear wheel and car tire adaptation.

This is a complete rig for sale.  It will be in our swap spot at Barber Vintage Days in Birmingham AL Oct 6-7-8&9.  Upper swap meet area S32. 

Hi, Do you still have this rig?  I'm very interested.  I'm in South Carolina.  Thanks, Brad

This rig has been sold.  It went at the Barber meet and sold for the asking price.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota