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SOLD - Flexit w/ 91 BMW K100RS 4V

This Rig has been sold.

This is a Flexit leaner sidecar mated to sport-touring BMW which makes the rig a blast to ride.  If you have never ridden a leaner, you are in for a treat!  They are easy to learn as they function just like a motorcycle was intended to, by leaning.  The 110 hp 4-valve RS is comfortable to ride and pulls the lightweight sidecar with ease.  The whole rig was designed to carve the twisties with spirit and confidence.  This square nose hack was made at California Sidecar in 1990.  Less than 200 of these were ever made.  It has been freshly painted and upgraded with Brembo brakes, LED lights and USB power ports.

The K-bike is in very good condition with fresh filters, seals and fluids, professionally cleaned injectors, stainless steel brake lines, new wheel bearings and rear tire.  It has 22K miles on the clock and runs very strong! 

The hack is easily removed from the motorcycle in less than 15 minutes with 3 bolts and a quick disconnect for both the electrics and brakes.   Rig is freshly aligned and ready to ride!  Location is Richmond, VA.  Own this unique and fun sidecar for $11,999.

Contact info: Dave at 540-9(0)8-0)7&0)4 or

Does the windshield/cover operate well? Any operational question marks? Thanks. John

I never get lost, though sometimes adventures take longer than planned.

The powered canopy equipment has been removed.  The canopy has been completely refurbished but is operated manually.  Not other operational issues.  It has been upgraded with USB power ports inside.

Video Link above if you'd like to see it in action.

I will help package the rig for shipping.