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Electric Actuator

Recently moved to Oklahoma. I need a store that can replace/repair my CSC Friendship electric lean actuator. The brake mechanism on the actuator doesn't hold anymore, when it's extended it slowly works its way back down. I contacted CSC and they say they can't fix it, just replace it ($$$$). I contacted the manufacturer and they said they could "look it over" for, you guessed it, "a price" ($$). Open to suggestion here.

Mark Koppa
WingRigger 97
97 GL1500, 101K
CSC Friendship II, 65K

Are you sure that it is working its way back down? The acutuators that Califonia used should not be able to have this happen as they are a worm screw type acutuator which should not be able to move with out the shaft being spun. There is no "brake" as there is no need for a brake as worm screws can not be driven backwards. Perhaps some one change to a hydrolic acutuator??? Good quality acutuators are not cheap and installing an inexpensive one will not last.
Jay G
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No, it's the original electric actuator. I've checked both with CSC and the actuator manufacturer, I traced them from the data plate on the actuator. They informed me that on this model there's a braking mechanism inside that can begin slipping with a combination of age and dirt. Seems to me that using this type of pricey actuator for this application wasn't thought through. Like I said, when I was in Florida I spoke with the local distributor, in Jacksonville, and they told me that a brake "repair kit" wasn't available, however, "for a fee, we can troubleshoot it and possibly overhaul the unit." Unfortuntely, the TS and overhaul was going to cost nearly as much as a replacement unit. If I can't find a viable solution, I'm contemplating replacing it with a strut and removing the electric lines and handlebar control unit. I really liked the tilt function. With as much as I rode my rig, I was making adjustments whenever I needed and it made it a joy driving.
Any help here is appreciated.

On one of my homemade rigs I adapted a electric trailer jack for the tilt mechanism----just a thought...Ed

Here is the sticker of of mine, and a pdf file that has a bunch of part numbers and blow ups.

Maybe these will help.

Attached files

Electrak_10_Repair_Kits_Manual_mnen.pdf (568.1 KB) 

Simpathic set up working on the shock base and not on the upper linking arms to the bike. I never thought about that approach.

look on EBAY.COM. I found one on there.